Sunday, 4 July 2010

13. I Shall Believe

Warning: Long, long post.
I came with an idea the other day for my online series 'Behind The Bar' but before that, I think I should update you on that writing gig for the BBC. In my 'Not Afraid' post I mentioned that I had an interview for the 29th, well you wouldn't believe the drama of that day.

First off, the travelling time was ridiculous, I hate public transport but I shouldn't really complain because I should've been driving ages ago but everything with me is at snail speed and I despise that mentality. Anyway, I should've checked the stations on the internet before I left but I thought I could just ask the ones that work at the train station, when I got there and asked the place I was going weren't even on the tube map. The lady had to leave her seat from behind the window and look in some other planner or whatever, then when she came back gave me this complicated route, a load of train change over's.

I did what she said and I was moving pretty quick from train to train, I had more than enough time on my hands to find this place because I left two hours before the interview time, like Drake said, better late than never but never late is better. So, I got to Farringdon changed platforms to the first connect or something national railway? I'm waiting, then I ask a man that was walking up and down the platform with those neon coloured waistcoats what train to get, I told him where I was going.

His response "You're on the wrong platform, love. You need the one opposite you, look out for the train you've got written down on your paper.' I thanked him and crossed over, looked at the board with all the stations on and thought I had the right train in mind. When it came I got on, had plenty of time still and sat back turning up my iPod on Trey Songz. (Yes, I kept my eyes open at every stop)

Time started to slip away from me, so now I'm sitting up checking the stops as we pass them but we're not stopping at some of them, some of which were written down on my info sheet, I kept my music on, because of course music makes me calm even if it's rock...well not really, that can sometimes hype me. I digress, so I'm looking at these stops, the train is semi packed, there are crying babies and chatter, next thing I know I've got ten minutes before I'm late for this interview.

I texted the production manager, I apologized and told her it was looking like I was going to be late and she said okay, as long as I could make it for 12:45pm because the producer had other business to tend to, I said yes. Wrong answer, this train wasn't stopping for anybody and I just had to sit there and not only be late but also past the time she had before she left.

I was in bits, kept texting back and forth between the manager and my sister. "I blew it," is what I sent my sis. The train starting stopping at stations again but it felt like half hour each time, then it stopped at Bedford and basically told everyone we were at the final destination. o.O

*insert cursing* I go over gates where the men are checking tickets and ask him about this studio, and he smiles you know, he smiles and says. "No love, that's all the way on the other side, you're in North," not only was I way past my destination which was far enough, I was a long, long way from home. (Love that song)

He tells me to get on the fast train that's just come in and get off at St. Albans, so I do. I'll give their trains on thing; they're classy, seats, tables, air con and very fast. Long story made short, I didn't make it and on the way back home I was pissed off with myself, one, I knew I should've checked the damn internet and two, I should be DRIVING! - LOL

I get home after six trains, three there and back and literally went to bed, I just crashed out because I was so tired, probably woke up an hour or so later when I heard my sisters in the living room making noise over football.

Interview Reschedule - Friday.

Text: Friday? This Friday? What time? And I got no response, so I assumed either it wasn't going to happen or it wasn't for this week.

Friday 2nd - I'm usually up by 8 every morning, weekends 10am. This particular Friday, I overslept o.O waking up to the sound of my phone going off, I open one eye and flip it open to read the text. It was from the producer asking me to come in for 3:30pm that afternoon, I took a pause and then looked at the time and it was 11am!

New & Improved Route: All I had to do is go 'WC' station which took me straight to 'Kings Cross/ St. Pancras International?? Am I kidding you? No, I kid you not; these arses at the stations don't know their own damn jobs. Two...TWO TRAINS! And I was there with minutes to spare.

Meeting & Pre Interview: I got my visitors badge, walked between the set of a very iconic soap that I've watched all my life, very surreal moment looking at props and family sets but moving on. I met the producer, she was very nice, friendly, pretty face, well dressed and welcoming. I followed her to her office and sat down, she asked me about travel and so on. Now, I don't know if you know but summer has arrived, so I may have looked good when I left my yard but I wasn't looking too good by the time I got to her, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, with her instructions of course and unlike many who are nervous pukers, I found out I was the opposite.

One of my characters, Lil, is a nervous girl, she's not a nervous puker either, she's a bubble guts and I became one too. *Cringe*

I did however, feel so much better going back to the office this time joined by another young girl, I sat down and said hi and we got talking while 'Miss producer' got our info from her computer, I was quite proud of myself but I'm not usually forward with new people.

Interview: 'How long have you been writing, what character would you like to see, how would you change this?'

These were the types of questions she asked me, I think I answered well enough; I was clear and confident because this is what I love to do. When I'm interviewed for a nursery Job, I stutter, I can't answer all of their questions about the current curriculum, all I can say is I love kids, I have a big family and I have this qualification.

It's so different though, when someone is asking you about your passion instead of your job, you don't want to get me started, I could talk all day about writing in general not just what I write. No matter what she asked me, I could answer because there's no wrong answer, it's all personal experience and for me writing is very personal, publicly personal if that makes sense.

We talked about the shows that I watched, a few that I mentioned she also liked which was cool but it was when she asked me how old I was I thought "Maaan," Now, when I applied I was twenty two years old by the time they replied back I was twenty three, they got in contact and gave me an interview date on my actual birthday. I think it's the only thing weighing against me, if I don't get called back to join the other writers it'll be because I was too old.

Can you believe that? I'm too old.

But, I shall believe I have a chance until I'm told otherwise. I will get the answer on Monday, and then I'll know what my next step is going to be. I did want to share my new idea but this post is too long already, so I'll do a separate one.

But for now, I shall believe in thyself.  =D

Title Info. Sheryl Crow

Buon Giorno,


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