Monday, 26 July 2010

17. Little Of Your Time

I'm so annoyed with myself for promising people I care about time and never actually getting around to spending time with them, I have the greatest friends in the world who love me and are already so patient and encouraging. I'm beginning to worry that I'll lose the best ones, I mean everyone has two sets of friends, the ones you talk to casually and catch once in a while and then you have the ones you adore and feel like something is missing if you haven't spoken to them for a bit. Sometimes those casual friends grow into the ones you adore too.

I only have a handful of those friends I wish I could put in my pocket and keep them forever but we all have our own lives and paths to follow, I have one in particular right now that I'm missing terribly. There was a point where we spoke everyday even if it was just for a few hours, and now we're lucky if we chat longer than ten minutes.

Now, she's an actress, a successful one too so her time is limited anyway and she has kids too but I miss her is all I'm saying, and sometimes I just want to be childish and stomp my feet. She's very special to me, an amazing writer who constantly inspires me, intelligent, funny, protective and ambitious with gorgeous kids ta boot!

Wanting some of her time, it just made me realize how some of my other friends feel when they say they miss me and want some of my time. But as Miss Jia said, if you can make time to eat, sleep and shit then you can take a little time out for the ones you appreciate! Besides, I need to get out more because on I'm this thing way too much and it's not healthy, if I'm not writing then I'm watching TV or running around after my nephews. At the end of the day, I always feel bad for not emailing, txting or calling anyone back, I haven't been a very good fried lately, if I want time then I'm going to have to give time.

And I need to get my social life back on track, not that I'm a club person. I'm more of a theatre, live music, concert or festival  kinda gal. So, on my already epically long list of things to do I'll be adding 'Take time out for friends'

Apart from the above rant, I had a pretty lazy sunday. = D

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