Thursday, 15 July 2010

15. Question Existing


Yeah, since I actually started planning to write a script I've been saying that. I'm not one to run from a challenge but hell, this is harder than I thought it was going to be, like I said in another post I started out writing scripts, or at least that's what I called them. It turns out they were just coversations, I've read a lot of scripts over the past few days, mostly pilots and now I'm asking myself if I can actually write one.

Sure, I can learn how to write out a script in the correct format using EXT. Parking Lot - Night and INT. Taxi - Night but what about the actually story? I don't know if I've done the right thing reading as much as I have, I know I have a tendency to overwhelm myself with information but I like to know what I'm getting myself into.

I still want to and am going to do it, as a child I first wanted to be a cartoonist and then moved on to actually wanting to make movies so I've always had pictures clear in my mind when writing, and could always imagine the music playing over a particularly emotional or chaotic scene. I love movies, so learning about screenwriting is essential for me as a writer, especially one who benefits from learning different writing styles.

I'm going to strart by writing a TV script and the first rule is, watch more TV. I love research but I hated homework as a teen, now if they'd said go home and research what household chemicals could make acid bombs, you know, in case one of your character's decides to blow something up, I think I would have faired better in the homework department.

Of course, while in school it didn't actually occure to me that as a writer knowing a little of everything would be helpful. LOL - Duh.

So, lots of TV. Shouldn't be too hard, I went on to check out the most popular dramas and highest rated dramas, House ranked No.1 on both lists, so I guess he goes on my list too. I was mostly looking for shows that fell in the same category as Behind The Bar, which meant I had to cross out all the sci fi/fantasies, detective/cop shows and law, that means Merlin, Cold Case and The Good Wife are out amongst others. A few other shows I skipped on because I didn't like titles like Make it or Break it - I did a quick Wiki check and I still wasn't interested.

After Twilight, anything with 'Saga' attached is likely to get a miss so The Forsyte Saga was out. And, although Criminal Minds is right there at the top of my fav shows it' a criminal drama, I'm definitely going to give Persons Unknown a watch. But, the shows I've chosen for homework are *drum roll*

1. House
2. Breaking Bad
3. One Tree Hill
4. Gossip Girl
5. Castle
6. Six Feet Under

I should watch a few that I hate too so that means Gilmore Girls, Grey Anatomy which I don't hate by the way because I've never cared to watch it before now and Pimp my ride doesn't count as a programme I could study does it? I'm stuck, so I'm sticking with it. Hours and hours of guilt free tv? Win.

Questions that need asking, that I have to ask myself when I've finished answering it about these shows are what makes this different from the rest?

Why should anyone read/watch it? I had more to questions, but being tired is like being drunk for me. So, I guess I'll continue it in another post with a note to self not to expect anything I write to make sense after midnight. And, pay no mind to the time of post, I wrote this a few days ago at like 2am.

Question Existing. Can I write a good script?

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