Saturday, 24 July 2010

16. One Part Love

I'm here, I'm still alive, yay. I've been looking in all my old diaries trying to figure why I thought being able to stay up so late or shall I say early was so damn cool, yes I'm a writer and I work better at night but there is a big difference between nocturnal and insomnia, right now I'm suffering from the latter and the heat isn't helping.

I roll around get twisted in the sheets while music plays in the background, and no that's not why I can't sleep, one of the reasons I can't sleep is because that's when the voices in my head are the freakin' loudest, not that I can blame them cause' I can barely hear them during the day with my lot around.

And, when I do sleep it's not for long because I can't get comfortable, if I use three pillows I wake up stiff and if I use one or none I wake up stiff, what hell am I supposed to do? Ugh. Oh and on top of that my brand new laptop, as in a month old is already pissing about and 'Not responding' on me. Why me???

So, as you can imagine I'm not the nicest person to be around when I wake up.

Anywho, while watching one of my favourite shows 'Leverage - The Studio Job' I realized something, I was sitting there getting desperate to see Hardison and Parker fall for each other, it was already there, I wasn't willing it to happen because I'm a hopeless romantic but once I saw the chemistry there I couldn't help but watch one after another hoping they'd both admit their feelings. I realized that whether it plays a big part or a small part there's LOVE in every story, there's a special partnership that you love, relate to or envy, there's that banter that one else can do.

Some of my favourites are:

Leverage - Hardison/ Parker & Nate/Sophie & Hardison/Eliot
Psych - Shawn & Gus
House - House & Wilson
Supernatural - Sam & Dean

Ultmately it's the partnerships, the fighting and making up that makes us watch, or at least that's what makes me watch. Also, just to throw it out there Bromance should have it's own genre because that's another favourite of mine, watching guys who love each other act like they hate each other, but you can see one would be lost without other, and without any sexual connotation. Damn you, slash writers. LOL!

If you don't believe me look for yourself, watch your favourtie shows, there's a partnership you're attached to and they're what makes you pay attention to the story in the first place.

Be it a thriller, cop show, comedy, drama or sci fi being bold or lurking somewhere is One Part Love.

Title Info. Jeffrey Foucault



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