Friday, 25 June 2010

11. Man In The Mirror

I don't care what people say, Michael jackson was BAD! Who can top him, ever? There will never be another human being like this man.

Opinions are exactly that, and it's human nature that some of those narrow minded people would focus on the negative aspects of his life but I never wavered, I will always be a fan. People forget all the good things he did for people around the world that weren't his blood, for children that weren't his own and he made a difference to so many.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, my mum had all his records, our TV was black and white so we'd spend most of our time listening to music and he lifted us up. It's amazing what music can do to and for your soul, my sister who is only sixteen months younger than me told my mum at age 4 that'd one day she'd marry him. LOL - we watched 'Moonwalker' on video every day like it was a soap.

 I still  don't know which album is my favourite out of Bad and Thriller but I do know that his music will aways be a part of my life and so many others around the world.

I love you, Michael Jackson.

                                                        August 1958 - June 2009
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