Friday, 25 June 2010

10. Birthday Sex

It's my friend's birthday in a little less than three months and she asked me to write her an erotic story. <.<

I've never attempted to write a sex story...actually, that's a lie, I have attempted but I failed miserably each time. Ideally it would be more sensual than raunchy with an actual story at the heart of their sexcapade; it would be more playful and passionate than hard core because that's what would appeal to me as a reader. My friend though, also my sister in law is on the other side of the fence, and well it is her birthday but my sister says I should write it from the gut while implementing Lana Lang's smut. (She looks like the then 24hr damsel in distress and so the nickname was born)

I'd have to agree too, it's like a tattoo artist, if he couldn't tattoo dragons then he'd have someone else do the tattoo rather than doing it and not liking the result, it's him and his art first, and he then shares that art with everyone else. I feel that way about my writing, I don't care for smut though I have no qualms with anyone who does, I have a few friends who love smut and slash and all that other...stuff!

I don't always have to agree with my characters choices but I want to be able to feel like I understand the motivations that drive them towards those choices. I don't know if I'm over thinking this, I probably am but it's not just a little birthday story, it's my story, I'm writing it and I want to be happy with it.

Another hiccup is how I'm going to write it, 'He slipped his erect penis into her vagina' Heck no, that's too technical; this isn't a sex Ed class.

What about? 'He entered her' No! She's not a catflap for god's sake.

And finally, how about, 'He slid his c*** into her dripping p****? UGH! F*** no, I cringe when I read stories with those words, for one I hate those descriptions because it's like putting a wet cloth over a burning candle and two, it just sounds so trashy to me. I want sensual, warm, passionate fun and love making.


I don't give a shit, I'd rather melt over something sweet and maybe a tad cliche than cringe and get embarrassed by bold descriptive.

The last time I said the word 'fanny&willy' I was eleven so that's out too. Other words like vee-jay, bajingo, cunt, sex and core are just, well would you take them seriously if you read it in a sex/love scene? Exactly!

My sister's preferred description is my favourite 'life' I laugh so hard every time she tries to convince me to use it. 'He entered her life, slipped into her life,' God I love her! Half of my family should be in the nut house.

What's wrong with writing a couple play fighting in bed? I think that's sexy, without the sex.

So what do I do, huh? LOL - I'm going to just going write and go with the flow, every writer likes a challenge and I have been inspired lately to write something out of my comfort zone. After writing those horrible sex scenes, I shall redeem myself with witty banter, sensual teasing and sex This doesn't have to be hard, I just have to channel my inner...freak? Every girl is one, with the right guy ;)

I got Drake's 'Thank Me Later' album for my birthday and I haven't stopped playing it since, his voice, his lyrics...He IS music! And believe it or not, he inspires my muse so let's hope I can come up with something that's a fine balance of mine and Lana's personalities.

I don't know why I always do this, stress before I need to. I've got months yet.

UPDATE: I know me too well, I was clearly in a snobbish mood and ended up ranting. I'm feeling a lot easier about writing this story, sex included and Lana better damn well like it. I still prefer to read than write stories with sex in it but whatever. I'm gone!

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