Tuesday, 16 March 2010

4. Goodnight Goodnight

I've never been more tired, I can barely keep my eyes open but I really want to get another chapter of 'Rehab' done, I'm contemplating taking a nap for a few hours but it's already six in the evening. I already have trouble sleeping at night so I'm not sure it would be a good idea to sleep so early because then I'd wake up at some ungodly hour and be up till morning. Meanwhile, I'm not awake enough to write the twenty second chapter of 'Rehab' and make sense!!!

Argh, I write something every day even if it's not a full chapter and I just have a feeling that if I don't try and write something now I'll miss a day. This afternoon, my sister and I had to go to the hospital for her blood test, she has to have it day before Chemo which is every fortnight but we're in there every week anyway because she has a Hickman line that needs to be flushed regularly to avoid any blood clots forming. These appointments leave me completely shattered and I'm not even the one getting treatment, I don't know how she does it, my sister. I have a great of respect and admiration for her, she's been receiving treatment for over a year now and it's been the toughest year of our lives but she still keeps strong. We've grown so close to her personal nurses who aren't incredibly older than us, the most is ten years but I don't feel the gap and I was saying to my sis, either they're too young to be old or we're too old to be young. I definitely think it's the latter, I think I've always been an old soul, my friends  have always been older than me and I was dubbed the agony aunt more than once. LOL

Of the two nurses, one went on holiday to Australia for a month which was a bummer for us because we get on with her so well, she does 'Porkies' impressions that leave us in tears and then there is the other one who is so adorable and with the times, unlike nurse backpacking who doesn't even have internet and just bought her first iPod, we were very proud. I should really find cover names for them, hmm, from now on let's call 'Porkie' obsessed Kelly and adorable Patsy. Patsy is a total Sci fi nerd like me and when she found I wrote she was squeeing, we exchanged emails and I started sending her chapters of my Sci fi story which she's loving and has already resorted to threatening me to get the others to her.
I also ran into an old friend, he's a writer too and we agreed to swap stories but because I'm such a disorganized existence I forgot to and now I'm realizing it's been a few months. The plan is to do that after my chapter but right now I've gotta go make some food because I'm hungry, hopefully it keeps me awake longer. LOL

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