Sunday, 14 March 2010

2. Mother's Day!

I was planning on updating this blog yesterday but my brother came over, and I haven't seen him for a few weeks so I did what those close to me would say was impossible, I shut down the laptop. Yep, craziness!

We hung out, which is always fun and watched a couple videos. Specifically, battle videos on Grind Time which are really good, I definitely prefer rap battles over actual rap music in the industry right now. We also watched a couple of videos on youtube 'Human Body' Muay Thai, I found it especially interesting as my brothers take Muay Thai twice a week, some of the moves and the devastating damage it can do was both fascinating and scary. I've always loved Kung fu movies, grew up watching it with my parents, brother and sister at the time so there aren't many Kung Fu movies I haven't seen.

 I myself have always been interested in taking lessons but I'm not sure which would suit me, I'd like to do mixed material arts and learn a bit of a lot styles. But, right now I'm considering Taekwondo, Ninjutsu and Wing chun.

On another note, my sister and I have successfully converted my brother into a Vampire Diaries fan, my cousin was here too so we put on the first one and by the end of the second one, they were hooked. Romance isn't usually my brother's thing, but he's a fan of bad guys and that's what Damon is, he also likes the possiblity of Stefan's struggle not to want blood. He may not feed on humans anymore but seriously, he always looks like he wants to, he can't help how he reacts to the sight and smell and so there's always that risk that he'll fall off the wagon, and I look foward to it.

Anyway, enought about that. I really wanted to post tonight to wish every mother out there a Happy Mother's day! My mother is very special to me, she's the strongest woman I've ever known and I aspire to be half the person she is, my sister and I lay in bed this morning and we were laughing when he realized how many children she actually has. By blood she has five kids, four girls and a boy but she has soo much more by heart and it's incredible. Admittedly, I'm not always a happy bunny when it comes to sharing her but our family has become so much bigger, it brings me great joy to know and see how many people love my mum and thank God everyday for her being in their lives. The people she's helped, taken in, given a second chance and the lives that she's changed for the better truly makes me so proud to be her daughter.

I love you, mummy!

Hugs to all the mama's around the globe.

Ja matta ne,


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