Friday, 12 March 2010

1. Intro

So I decided it was time for me to actually use my blog, I had/have one previous to this called "BehindTheBar" It's a series I've started but haven't gotten round to polishing up and publishing. I didn't want poor Izzy to fade into the background so I figured creating a blog would keep my plans to continue fresh, with me talking about it I'm less likely to forget.

Thing is, I'm a writer, a good one at that but alas I'm a disorganized, scatterbrained mess with the long term goal of being published one day! I've been writing since I can remember and boy do I remember, there was a time when everything I wrote was cringe worthy, cliche garbage but in my defense when you're a young teen it's hard to separate yourself and what you want from the characters and what they need. I had that very problem, you can guess my favourite genre was romance, where I unintentionally *Scouts honour* created a Mary Sue or two who got everything she wanted, most time including the guy.

Now when reading back, I cringe and get all embarrassed about the stuff that I came up with but I'm also quite chuffed with myself for noticing a vast difference in my writing. I still write romance but having grown out of corny long ago, most of the romance I do write is quite the opposite now that I know where my characters are going and what their motivations are. {Insert tip} The most important thing in any story is conflict, it's not realistic to have characters, especially the MC liked or loved by everybody because life isn't like that.

Anywho, before I totally digress on my introduction. I'm a writer with more than a few ambitions, hobbies, quirks, dreams, strengths and weaknesses and I plan to write about them in this blog.


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