Tuesday, 16 March 2010

3. Trouble

I really wish I didn't get so hung up on titles; it's always been an issue of mine. I sat here for the best part of fifteen minutes wondering what I should title this entry, because obviously, I'm a little obsessive when it comes to them and character names etc.

I weigh myself down with details that could probably be filled in later; I don't know what it is. I like spending time on those things because I think it's as important as the story, it's what represents what you're going to read (sometimes). I like my titles to be a little vague so that readers don't really know what to expect, if I title my story something like "Love & Basketball" then you can assume it's about falling in love and playing basketball.

"Cruel Intentions," Oo, I guess someone is going to intentionally be a bitch to everyone, so cruel. I like titles like 'Awake' or 'Almost' the latter is mine, I like to create a enough room for theories and ideas on what it could be about, I know when I've seen titles like the ones I just mentioned I go into prediction mode and end up creating a whole story that has nothing to do with the story itself. Of course, then I keep the idea and it goes in my plot bunny folder.

Seriously, if I haven't said it before nice to meet you, I'm a complete scatterbrain who had an actual reason to post tonight and somehow it became about titles.

Mmmh, it was probably about how professional I am at procrastinating as I've successfully done it again. Yay me! I'm currently working on a story 'Rehab,' yeah, not vague at all, or is it? LOL I've been writing it since last summer, a little before my birthday and it's finally coming to an end, I'm thinking it will be wrapped in another 10,000 words.

The trouble with me is (notice how I made use of track name? LOL) I start a story and it gains momentum, I'm excited and it's flowing, the characters voices are clear as bells...then the ending reveals itself to me and all of a sudden I'm not writing anymore, I have other ideas I could be working on or fanfic stories I need to post. Why I do this? I have no idea, I started another story last year, for the NanoWrimo challenge and won thankfully, it's called 'WIPS' I know, right? I've hit 70,000 words and I can feel the end coming, guess what? I'm not writing it at the moment. I do not finish any of my stories, unless you count the short ones that are usually no longer than 10,000 words, right now I suck at committing to one story and it's frustrating as hell. And no, I've never actually been to hell, don't ask me stupid questions?

Did I mention I had issues?

Well, I'm barely awake so time for bed. I'd like to blame lethargy for this all over the place entry, but alas it's all me.

Title Info. Ray Lamontagne.

Gute Nacht,


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