Wednesday, 11 August 2010

20. Calm Under The Waves


She walks along the beach, golden sand crunching between her toes, there’s a breeze in the air that caresses her skin while the falling sun reflects in the ocean, and a smile warms her face as the water comes closer, higher, and heavier.

Her light summer dress clings to her waist and hugs her breasts; it’s what she wants, needs.

Then she’ll let go.

If only it would carry her away, leaving burdens of the heart to float from her soul.

She could let go.

The stories he told her about the ocean echo in the night as her eyes close and her arms spread like wings, welcoming the coming waves.

The lights ashore are supposed to fade away, along with her memories and the pain is supposed to stop along with her heart.

Instead, the sound of the ocean crashing swells the heart that aches so much as it takes her back home, to shore, to life without him.

The ocean never takes her with it, and she’s left to wonder where it goes and if it’ll ever come back for her, to save her.

She wants to sink but she floats.

She wants to die yet she lives.

But, tomorrow at the same time she’ll seek calm under the waves.

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