Sunday, 24 October 2010

21. My Vampire Heart

This an old post that I actually forgot to publish, so here it is.

A while has passed without a post, want to know what I've been doing? If the title is anything to go by you're already pretty sure what I'm going to talk about but I'm going to make this super quick.

1) I may or may not have mentioned that my baby was freezing excessively, so a bit of a advice for you, don't ever buy a Dell laptop.

2) Thank the heavens for my Blackberry, it's where all my chapters have been going until my baby is fixed.

3) I've started updating 'Night Crawlers' again, and I know exactly how it ends in my head but since baby has been throwing tantrums I haven't been able to update my latest chapter.

4) I applied to be a fan columnist on BuddyTV and didn't get it but I'm still smiling, I wanted the experience and enjoyed reviewing Smallville's comeback although I would've prefered my favourite vampire show. I was encouraged to try again when another opportunity arises.

5) My social life is somewhat back on track, meeting up with friends and hanging out bla bla.

6) Since I've turned my attention to scripts, I've been getting more ideas than I can use and it's exciting to daydream about one day having my own show. LOL - impossible is nothing, right?

On the real reason I wanted to post...

The Vampire Diaries - The Return

Yeah, I know a vampire show but unlike Glee I'm not slightly embarrassed and annoyed with myself for kind of liking it. If I didn't mention it before, Ian Somerhalder was my reason for watching, I've been watching the man since I was fifteen when he was in young Americans and I would die if he ever ended up playing my Avery Grim. ARGH!

Anyway, to my actual surprise I liked it instantly and not just because of Damon but because of the writing, it was fast pace and exciting and suspensful, good. The second half of the season had me well and truly hooked to an obssessive level, by obssessive I mean, watching live streams online so I could watch it with the rest of America instead of waiting for England to catch up.

The final minute of the finale was insane and the premiere of season 2 was even more crazy and I mean that in a completely good way. I was on the edge of my seat, sitting next my sister at one in the morning, while we grabbed on to each other every other minute in absolute shock, I loved every minute of it. Also, being a fan of Damon and Bonnie's partnership in the books, I was pleased to see they had a couple scenes in this episode not that the banter lasted.

Now we're heading towards episode four but thus far my favourite episode is the third 'Bad Moon Rising' and amazingly it's not because Damon and Elena were together for the whole thing with the addition of Alaric quite the contrary, I loved it because of the ones who were still in Mystic Falls. That is for another post though, I fully intend to write a review about it so I can fan girl over my favourite parts again, particularly the parts with Tyler and uncle Mason.

When it comes to vampires, why are we so easy to reel in? Well let's see, they're sexy immortals who are charming enough to lure you into a dark alley before rutlessly drainging the life out of you, we're attracted to the danger, the mystery and sometimes the soul within a monster.

Title info. Tom McRae.



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