Sunday, 5 August 2012

Staying Alive

I find it's better to leave a short note saying, hello all, I'm still here than to leave my poor blog neglected for months while I'm tightly locked away in my cancerian shell doing what cancerians do.

Hey, I'm still here buried beneath 9 hours of work with little people, writing, editing and rewriting of Freak Shows. Hmm, any updates? I'm thinking of creating a tab specifically for Freak Shows, including character details, the writing process, music and any sketches or pictures relating to the characters.

I'm loving spending time with kids, it definitely provides a regular source of inspiration and fresh prespective that keeps the blood pumping through my muse. I miss writing full-time though. Boohoo!

Anyway, early start tomorrow - Night Night x


  1. Happy to hear all this kiddie time is inspiring you and keeping your muse in shape! Just so you know, (and i'm sure you do) YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR in my humble eyes! Keep at it, beautiful Fairy!

    This reminds me that my own blog has been untouched since march...I shall blame my cancerian shell, summer time shenanigans and a new job as I kick myself in the butt to get a post up on my blog by the end of this week and stick with it this time!

    I LOVE YOU, DARLIN!!! Keep being awesome!


  2. Thanks honey! It means a lot to know I always have you cheering me on.

    I want to see a new post up on your blog. I want updates on your writing, an all access pass, hehe :D

    Love you too!